Who we are

We are a company from Italy operating in medical, sports and movement area


Prosomed provides education about different issues such as Fascia treatment and Taping, all over the world.


Prosomed is manufacturer of many kind of products for Physical Therapy medical area and sports.


In quality we trust - We work only with high quality components and want to offer the best to out customers

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+39 329 60 60 346

Prosomed Europe si occupa di:

Organizzatore di corsi di formazione e distributore di Selos Therapy.

Vendita della linea di prodotti Prosomed, tutti prodotti inerenti fisioterapia, ortopedia e riabilitazione.

Negozio online di prodotti per fisioterapia e riabilitazione.

Prosomed - organizzazioni di corsi nell'ambito del Kinesiology Taping.

Prosomed Tape -
Distribuzione e vendita del materiale originale.

Negozio online per l'acquisto di Kinesiology Tape, bendaggio funzionale, libri per il Taping ed accessori.

Prosomed Europe is:

Organisator and distributor of Selos Therapy training courses.

Distributor of Prosomed products for physiotherapists, othopaedics and rehabilitation.

Online shop for physiotherapy and rehabilitation goods.

Prosomed Taping - organisation of Kinesiology Taping courses.

Prosomed Tape - Distribution and selling of the originale product .

Online shop for Kinesiology Tape, sports tape, books for Taping and other products.

  contact tel: +39 329 60 60 346